The Color of Church Conference


On June 26, 2010, Immanuel Baptist Church and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina hosted the Color of Church Conference, followed by the Color of Church Weekend for Immanuel. The conference featured Dr. Rodney Woo, author of The Color of Church, co-author of People of the Dream, and contributor to Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church. Rodney Woo was recently pastor of Wilcrest Baptist Church (Houston, TX), which he led for 18 years. Today, the congregation of more than 450 is home to at least 44 different ethnicities worshiping and serving side-by-side. Woo recently announced his resignation as pastor of Wilcrest and will soon move to Singapore to serve as pastor of International Baptist Church.

Click here to see the video featuring Dr. Woo and Wilcrest Church from PBS's Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.

Audio from the Conference and Sunday Events:

Session 1

Session 2

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Sunday Morning Message